Temperature – Check!

Today must have been the worst day of  his teeny weeny life so far, all 4 months and 3 weeks of it – Little Xavier is sick.

We knew it would be inevitable that he will get sick some time, especially since we decided to put him into infant care, but we never thought it would be this soon. And my, I certainly never thought it will be this difficult to see my baby boy coughed and sniffed while looking at us with pleading eyes to comfort him.

The sniffling and coughing started 2 days ago, but he doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort and we thought it would pass soon. But when I saw his thermometer reading of 38.3 deg at 2.30am in the morning, I was stunned. Literally. And there starts the longest day ever since Xavier was born. The record for The Longest Day is still the day I delivered Xavier – nothing could beat that. Trust me.

Ok, to cut the long story short, we gave him baby panadol, and fever subsided to 37.5 by 6am but cough and siffles got worse. Went googling for a pediatric clinic that opens on a Public Holiday but couldn’t find any.  So off we went to Thomson Medical 24-hr clinic, waited 45mins before we could see the doc, tested his blood, waited an hr for the results, did nebulizer for him (he was screaming and pleading – it was just terrible to watch), brought him home, had our lunch at 3pm (Thank god for McDonald’s), managed his fussing for the whole afternoon, and just when we thought we could get a breather, we found him at 38.9 deg high. Sponged him and rushed him to Raffles Hospital 24hr emergency clinic at 9pm, and finally put him to sleep at 12am after forcing horrible medicine down his throat.

It’s 2am now, almost 24hrs since the ordeal. I could still hear his whimpers and sighs, through the baby monitor, but I’m holding on to the tiny glimpse of hope that tomorrow will be a better day, for both him and us. His temperature is back down to 37 deg. Perhaps Daddy can finally get to play his golf, and Mummy get her beauty sleep.


Miss me?

I lost my maternal instinct. That’s the conclusion after 4 days of sending Xavier to infant care. So here I am, upset at myself for NOT being upset that he’s not with me. 

I used to be so protective over Xavier. As in, no one can feed, bathe or change his diapers except my hubby and me. I gave excuses that he’s a difficult baby, he has unqiue feeding habbits etc., but in all genuinity, I just can’t let go of him.

So I was really anticipating severe separation anxiety and imagining myself smothering Xavier with kisses and hugs everytime he comes back from centre. Instead, it was new found freedom for me. Here I was, kissing Xavier goodbye, and next, I was calling my colleagues for luncheons, arranging pedicures and busy flashing my Amex card at the smiling boutique sales promoters. Hey, I need new clothes for my grand return to work since I can’t bloody fit into my size S pre-preggers clothes anymore. I mean, I do miss him, especially after I see his photos. Here’s one of him sleeping on his bumbo, 5 seconds after we put him on it. Isn’t he cute? Awwww……

Perhaps I should just drop by the centre to take a look at him now. But wait – after I call to confirm my facial appointment.

Has it been 3 months? Go-o-od boy!

Have I mentioned? Xavier turned 3 mths 2 weeks ago. It’s not exactly a milestone month for him since he still can’t do any stunts that most mothers have reported their babies can do at this age like sleeping through to 7am instead of waking up at 4.30am. Let’s list what he can do now vs last month:

1. Able to reach for the toys hanging higher up on his playgym – he used to just stare at them without even attempting to touch them

2. Started to grasp the hanging toys – better than batting at them senselessly and hurting his hand in the process when he hits it against the side of his bassinet.

3. Started to like tummy time better now – no more pitiful “Mummy, save me plssss” cries when we put him on his tummy, although he could lift his head very well. He’s a lazy bum.

4. Able to sit propped up with cushions for at least 5 minutes instead of toppling over every 5 seconds.

Oh yes, when he needs to change his diaper, he will keep turning his head to look at his changing table. Does this count as one achievement?

I’m now trying to teach him to rollover from tummy to back and vice versa – hopefully this can be his 4th month milestone. I’m beginning to feel like a puppy trainer from all the “Flip, Xavier, good boy!”

How to fatten a baby?

We’ve been starving poor Xavier. That’s the only reason. How else could you explain that despite feeding him 6 times a day, he is underweight? He grew in length, but not in bulk, which means he is likely not getting enough fats. Not enough fats means not enough DHA. Not enough DHA = Not enough brain development for him to invent some wow-wee stuff that could possibly make him a billionaire. Not a billionaire means mummy can’t get the botox and lasers and tummy tucks when she needs it later on. And tummy tucks are definitely required after giving birth. Ok, I’m rambling – back to the topic.

Yes, the PD say it’s nothing to worry about, since he is only slightly under the average weight, but I only heard UNDER, and that went in my head and stayed there since. Is it because we gave him mainly formula milk due to my failure to produce enough breastmilk? Or that I’m not eating right for my breastmilk to give him the required nutrients, even if it constitutes only 20% of his feeds? Maybe we chose the wrong brand of formula milk?

So now, I’m on a mission to fatten Xavier. Since he can’t eat solids yet, the only way is to increase his feed amount if he lets me. And to keep as much of his feed down since he has some mild reflux.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like chubby babies, no matter what they say about obesity later on in life. They can run and kick balls all day to keep fit next time but now’s the only time when one can be fat AND cute at the same time.

OMG, there’s a sale!

I confess – I’m a warehouse sale junkie. I LOVE sales. The smug satisfaction, knowing you got away with a cut-throat deal while others are paying through their nose for the same thing, is just indescribable. It’s hard to wipe that smirk out of your face when you managed to buy that chi-chi apartment way below its market value or get that extra onions from the vege seller after a hard bargain.

When I was younger, I used to take leave from work just so I could be the first in line at the sale. Clothes, cosmetics, household necessities, electronics – you name it, I’ve been there. I mean, who can resist that brand new DKNY skirt at only $30, albeit past season? Speaking of which, I still have that pile of lipsticks tucked away at the back of my vanity cabinet – don’t tell my hubby.

With a newborn now, it makes even more sense to get items on discounts. Babies are expensive – you have no idea the number of wet wipes I use on Xavier for each of his poo session. You can really get good deals for baby stuff if you bother to look for them:

1. Baby fairs

Happening almost every quarter, usually at Expo, you may not get very steep discounts at these fairs, but it at least allows you to compare prices since most of the brands and vendors are there. I was thronging the fairs almost every weekend during my 3rd trimester just browsing and looking at baby stuff. We got our Baby Bjorn carrier at 20% off it’s retail price.

2. Departmental store sale

Most of the departmental stores have a baby section. When they have members’ preview sale, make sure you don’t miss it. Like Takashimaya card day – almost all of the baby daily necessities are going at 20% off, plus another 10% for cardmembers! We bought 1 year supply of wet wipes and laundry detergent at one go.

3. Mothercare

This baby specialty chain from UK doesn’t carry cheap stuff, but that’s precisely why it’s freaking worth it when you manage to grab premium items at mass-market prices. We got his Brio stroller that comes with infant car seat and bassinet at $800 plus, 50% off from its original price. Baby cot was marked down from $600 to $360.

4. Supermarkets

You’d be surprised – supermarkets occasionally have diaper sale that can range from 5% – 15% off.

5. Internet

Branded, quality baby clothes at a steal! SGD is going strong now – stock up on baby clothes when there are online sales. Combine orders with other mummies to save on shipping. These are my favourites:

Excuse me now while I prepare Xavier’s diaper bag to go to the Mothercare baby fair – I’m so gonna buy that $129 playmat at $69.

Hairy affair

Xavier had lots of hair since birth. And i mean LOTS. The first time I saw him when he was unceremoniously placed on my chest all bloody and sticky, I did not turn to mush with gushes of motherly feelings. Instead, I was curiously examining the amount of hair he had on his head, face, arms, back and buttocks. ‘Hey, he looks like Wolverine!”, I told my husband. The nurse must have think I’ve gone boggers from the epidural.

Strangers will come up to us to tell us that Xavier has a head of beautiful hair. But what they did not know was, we had to grapple with an almost cradle cap (flakes and scales were beginning to form), him crying from pain because he yanked his own hair (silly boy!) and angry rashes at his nape (from heat or hair irritation – who knows?).

And so we talked about cutting Xavier’s hair and that’s just it. Talk. No action from his lazy and forgetful parents. Hey, it’s not easy to remember that we have to cut his hair before we shower him for the day, especially those emergency showers we had to do after he pees on himself.

But we are still responsible adults and after procrastinating it for almost 2 months, our conscious won. Its time to cut his hair. Finally we can use the $41 baby hair cutting scissors that my darling husband got conned into buying (don’t ask how – it’s a mystery).

Xavier was first placed on the Bumbo that was a tad too big for him still. Now, which of us should do the actual cutting? I volunteered of course. Having observed the way hairstylists cut hair during my numerous visits to the chi-chi hair salons, I was almost confident I could do the same thing. So I picked up the scissors on my right hand, grabbed a bunch of Xavier’s hair on my left, and was happily play-pretending to be Kim Robinson. That is, until my hubby pointed out that I’m making an even greater mess out of Xavier’s hair. Can’t blame me – apparently I ain’t great in the hand-eye coordination department which is why I don’t do handicrafts and why I hated driving.

So my hubby took over the job. Yes, he did the job fast, but his snipping skills are no better than mine, hah! Even he can’t stand the sight of his own handiwork. ‘That’s it! We’ll send him to a proper barber next time!”, he said.

Ya right. What happens to the pair of $41 scissors now?

My first

My first baby (and the only one).
Here’s Xavier at one-month old.
And at two-month old, he looks like this. Fatter, eh?

I love taking pictures of Xavier. Actually, I love taking pictures, period. He just happened to be a good model, except that he only smile and laugh when I’m waving and dancing to him like a mad woman. Well, I can’t handle the camera while I’m doing that yet, but I’m sure there’s a way to do that. Women are supposed to be good in multi-tasking, especially one with kids.

Or perhaps I’ll just train my husband to do the dance instead. Need to find a way to con him into it. Wait for the news.